Eye Make-Up Remover

Cleanse without irritation! Calming and decongesting, Eye Make-up Remover is a refreshing way to thoroughly cleanse eyelids and eyelashes. Gently aqueous and non-irritating, it combines Lettuce, Cucumber, and Arnica to remove your eye make-up without pressure or friction. Also suitable for contact lenses or sensitive eyes.


  • Aqueous formulation
  • Cleanses without irritating
  • Leaves skin fresh, soft, and relaxed


Usage   Key Ingredients
Use as needed to remove eye makeup thoroughly. Moisten a cotton pad with a small quantity of this gentle remover and cleanse. Avoid contact with your inner eye area. For waterproof make-up, soak the eyelids and lashes for a few seconds with a cotton pad moist with remover, then wipe and cleanse.  
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Elder
  • Arnica
  • Mallow

At Home Regimen

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"I have never found an eye-makeup remover that I wanted to stick with, until I found Pevonia. It removes the old mascara easily, no pulling and it leaves no residue behind. I have found other eye-makeup removers to be too oily, with a film left behind that blurs my vision, or they feel too strong, like they strip away all my natural skin oils. "

"I've compared this to other eye makeup removers. This is gentle, effective, and non-oily. I wear contacts and have to be careful using any greasy or oily products around my eyes."

"Cleanser is gentle and not greasy feeling like a lot of other similar products that I have used in the past"

"Very gentle. Does the job well. Removes the makeup without any residue left over. Easy to wash off"

"I have very sensitive eyes and have found this to be one of most effective eye makeup removers I have ever used. Very highly recommended."

"This is the best make-up remover that I have ever used. It does not sting the eyes and removes the make-up right away. It is the greatest."

"I like this Eye Make-Up Remover very much, it's great! It takes eye makeup off quick and easy and it doesn't hurt my eyes. I will always use it!"

"What a great product, I love Pevonia. The bottle is large and it leaves your eyes feeling clean."

"Light and Gentle, I really like this product. Having never used eye makeup remover before, I found it to be very gentle and great at removing all the makeup in a couple of strokes."

"I have been using this eye make-up remover for over a year and it's by far the best I have ever used. It's not greasy and goes a long way!"

"This is the only eye make up remover I will ever use. No smell, does not leave any oil or traces of the remover on your eyes. Doesn't not burn the eyes."

"This is by far the best eye makeup I have ever used. I typically remove my eye makeup, take a shower, and cleanse my face. My towels are white and before this product I would always have a trace of mascara on my towel from blotting the water after leaving the shower. No more!!!! My eyes were cleansed to perfection without "working" to remove the mascara. They felt great after, no signs of irritation, no excessive oil, they weren't dry either. I love that it is a spray bottle allowing for more control in how much you use at a time. I am never going to use another product. It is THE eye makeup remover for me."

"I have tried every eye makeup remover under the sun -- cheap ones, expensive ones, you name it. I like Pevonia very much. It dissolves even the toughest mascara, doesn't tug, isn't greasy, and compared to some of the higher priced ones, is not all that expensive. Pevonia is a great choice.
This comes in a tall 6.8 fl. oz spray bottle, which is large. You can unscrew the spray thing and pour it into a little bottle for travel.
Thin liquid -- it's fine. I can't detect a scent but perhaps someone with a better nose could. I prefer it this way."