Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Cleanse without irritability or discomfort! Soothing and light-textured, Sensitive Skin Cleanser gently removes accumulated impurities, while diffusing redness and irritation. Water-soluble, it easily rinses away for a fresh, revitalized complexion. Chamomile and Calendula deliver calming and desensitizing benefits to your delicate skin.


  • Water Soluble
  • Light texture
  • Rinses without filmy residue
  • Decongesting, cooling
  • Suitable for hypersensitive and allergy-prone skin


Usage   Key Ingredients
Use morning and evening for an overall cleansing. Apply a small quantity all over your face and neck; work it with fingertips. Remove with a washcloth, a sponge, or a Pevonia shammy wet with warm water. Follow with the Sensitive Skin Lotion.  
  • Safflower Oil
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Linden
  • Horse Chestnut

In Spa Treatment

Plantomer® Lift-Off Mask  

Visibly enhancing your skin's texture and maximizing hydration, this effective lift-off mask combines the replenishing benefits of Seaweed with revitalizing Propolis, a natural healing and desensitizing substance. Soothing, nourishing, and calming, it renders skin undeniably radiant.




"This cleanser is great if you have skin allergies and as a bonus helped clear up my niece's acne. Her skin is very sensitive and she has an allergy to sulfur. With most cleansers, particularly acne cleansers, you will find ingredients that will irritate the skin. This cleanser, along with all products in the line, are free of irritants; which not only was good for her skin but also cleared up her acne."

"Excellent cleanser. Leaves face feeling refreshed and not tight. No redness. Goes on smooth, not greasy. I have used this product for over a year and really like it."

"This product works really well at gently cleaning my highly sensitive skin."

"This sensitive skin cleanser is the only cleanser that keeps my skin clear, moisturized, balanced, and soothes away red blotches and dryness that I get with other cleansers."

"I love this cleaner! It worked so gently. I never get that tight, stretched feeling I get with other facial cleansers and it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I would suggest this to anyone who has extremely sensitive skin like myself."

"I have used Pevonia Botanica Sensitive Skin Cleanser for over 15 years and when I couldn't purchase it locally any longer, I tried other products but none of them felt as good and kept my skin in the same condition as Pevonia. I now purchase Pevonia products on line. I have been told many times that my skin is in great condition whenever I have get a facial"

"It has a nice creamy, lightweight base for cleansing. I never have to worry about skin rashes anymore because of my skin's sensitivity and there are a lot of other products that I have used through the years. I'm 61 and get a number of compliments on how beautiful my skin is and how young I look. I need that!!"

"I have used Pevonia Botanica Sensitive Skin Cleanser for years. I have the world's most sensitive skin and the Sensitive Skin Cleanser consistently keeps my skin balanced, moisturized, and breakout free. I've spent a lot more for other products over the years prior to finding Pevonia and I will never look back."

"I am very pleased with the Pevonia Botanica Sensitive skin cleanser as well as the other products in this line."

"Amazing Cleanser!, I have very sensitive skin, and this product does not irritate or dry out my skin. As with other pevonia products, it is worth the money."

"Great cleanser! Great to finally find a cleanser that doesn't strip my skin of all moisture, but still able to remove any/all makeup."

"Great cleanser for sensitive skin. This is a really gentle cleanser-although I like foaming cleansers, I keep coming back to this one, which is not foaming because it works."

"I absolutely love this product! I used to get "knot" type irritated pimples and after using this cleanser I have clear, beautiful skin! I can't say enough good things about this product. I plan on buying more from their product line."