Power Repair

Power Repair Marine Collagen Cream

Replenish and hydrate! This triphase homogenized Marine Collagen Cream combines Squalane and Marine Collagen to deeply infuse moisture. Anti-aging, it softens fine lines and wrinkles while replenishing vital nutrients.


  • Unctuous texture
  • Moisture bonding, anti-wrinkle
  • Rejuvenates and softens fine lines
  • Filmogenic, improves epidermal moisture level
  • Seals in the Intensifier - Collagen & Myoxy-Caviar


Usage   Key Ingredients
Use morning or evening all over your face and neck, after thoroughly cleansing and toning. Best results when used after the Intensifier - Collagen & Myoxy-Caviar.  
  • Marine Collagen
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Squalane
  • Jonquil Oil

At Home Regimen

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"I have been a regular user of Pevonia products for several years - and am a big fan! My first introduction was during a visit to the Hotel Hershey Spa making it even more special. I am presently using the Power Repair line, but have also used the Caviar-related one. I love the samples sent when an order is shipped. At age 63, it is nice to hear compliments on the good shape my complexion is in. Thanks, Pevonia!"

"This has been my favorite product for over 10 years. The jar lasts me approximately 1 year. I love the scent, creaminess, the texture in the jar and how it makes my skin feel. I think since I have used this product for so long, it has really decreased my wrinkles and adds to hydration. I am 54 and to people who don't know my age, assume I am 40 tops! I also use the Marine Elastin as well over time. Love them both!"

"Just turned 50 and this helped - I LOVE this product! I have been using Pevonia products for quite some time but took a break for the last year to try another line. When I order again I bought two of the "kits" giving me a chance to sample which I preferred. I can't get over the results I've seen in just a month...and order the full jar immediately. I have the crows feet and a few lines having just turned 50 but this really lessened the wrinkles."

"Great results - I use this cream at night after my glycolic wash and glycolic cream. It helps keep my skin moist even after my other glycolic treatments. It also seems to help keep my skin firm."

"Good cream - So far I like it. Adds enough hydration, but not too much for the summer weather. Like the feel and makeup goes on well over it."

"I fell in love with product when I tried the sample and I had to have it. My sister mentioned the other day how great my face is looking! I have also had friends ask me what products I use and I end up sending them a list of the Pevonia products that I use and love!"

"This is the best night cream I have ever used!! Worth every penny!!"

"I find this cream absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel much less tight. I have dry skin and I love the Pevonia products."

"I absolutely love the results of using Marine Collagen Cream, it has softened a lot of years from my complexion. I have received several compliments on my renewed appearance and have been spreading the word of what a great product this is. My daughter is 32 and a smoker, I gave her samples of the Marine Collagen Cream and received an email from her four days later saying she had to have a jar for herself because of the results she saw. It's an awesome product!"

"This is the best skin care product I have ever used. It does what it claims... softens fine lines-wrinkles, and improves texture. I wish I had discovered this product 15 years earlier. I love it!"

"At 46 years old, I had begun to resign myself to the fine lines and uneven skin tone as age. I was given a sample of the Marine Collagen cream and it was instant love. It felt so wonderful on my skin. And within a few days, I began to see a softening in the texture of my skin, the small lines around my eyes were all but gone and my skin tone became more even. There really are no words to describe, the love I have for the cream. I often give it as a gift to my girl friends."

"I have been using this product for several years now. A couple of times I have tried other products and went right back to this cream. I am 60 and am constantly told I look much younger."

"Miracle product for a fraction of the cost - I have used just about every high end product line, including La Mer, and this is the ONLY product that has delivered amazing results. Due to the high quality of the product, you use a small amount so it is well worth the initial investment. It is a treat to use each night and I wake up looking refreshed- skin is hydrated and smooth. *BONUS*It is made of natural products- nothing scary is being absorbed into your body. Love, Love LOVE!!!!"

"Silky Perfection - Hello Pevonia, I tried your Pevonia Botanica Ligne Power Repair and could not believe how soft and line free my skin was. I noticed the difference right away. I've worked for Chanel, Mac and others and have never had a cream work magic like this one. I can't wait to try other products. Thank you, A New Fan."

"Great Product - In the winter time my face gets so dry. But this is the only thing that has worked without that greasy feeling other products have given me."

"I am hard to impress! - Truly felt it working and actually could not wait to use again. Anytime I see result within minutes I think it is worth it. My skin actually looks so much younger and tighter. Excellent product and will recommend to friends and purchase more."

"I enjoy the really clean smell of this product and it feels so good going on. Since using this very smooth cream I have seen my problem skin clear up also. It's not overly heavy or greasy, a great plus! My favorite!!!"

"This is a great product along with all the Pevonia products I have tried, they are by far the best. I use 4 of their products at this time and would love to try more."

"Started using this cream 3 weeks ago. I'm very satisfied with the results. I'm prone to rosacea and this cream has calmed my skin tone. It also has noticeably diminished fine lines around the mouth area. I really like this product."

"Awesome! - This cream makes my skin feel like I was young again. It smoothes on so creamy and instantly transforms my skin to a firmness that I not only feel but it shows instantly. My friends have asked me what I've been doing for my skin since I first began using Pevonia products. I look healthy and younger. I have a bit of rosacea and psoriasis and nothing has helped like Pevonia skin care products."

"I have used other high end spa products such as Dermalogica and etc. and "hands down" Pevonia is #1. - This product has softened my skin and reduced fine lines. I use a Clarisonic to prep my skin and then apply this product. I am 60 and people ask me all the time how I keep my skin so soft and unlined. There's no other answer other than PEVONIA."

"What can I say? The way it smells, feels... lasts! The ultimate drink of moisture in a naturally derived anti-aging product which leaves the skin silky-smooth, plump and youthfully radiant! Not only Power Repair, but time defiant! The dehydrating cabin of an airplane doesn't stand a chance! If good hydration = youth, this is the skin care Holy Grail!!!! A must have, if ever there was one!"

"I had combination skin and Pevonia Botanica Age-Defying Marine Collagen Cream eliminated the dry areas."

"Wonderful moisturizer! I have very dry skin and many of the products that are formulated for dry skin simply deposit a shiny oily layer to my skin but do not truly moisturize. This product not only replenishes moisture, it also restores that natural glow and helps even and tone my complexion."