Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream

Experience the cutting-edge technology of this cream’s unique enzymes entrapment. Enzymo-Sphérides® Peeling Cream offers encapsulated enzymes in micro-sphérides for maximum activity upon contact with your skin. Pineapple and Papaya enzymes eliminate impurities, blackheads, dead cells, sebum, and toxins as you work this cream into your skin and gain a bright, smooth complexion.


  • Easy and immediate deep surface cleansing
  • Removes dead cells, impurities, and clogging
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Increases absorption & results from home care products
  • Leaves the skin refreshed, soft, and glowing


Usage   Key Ingredients
After cleansing and toning, blot the skin dry. Apply Enzymo-Sphérides® Peeling cream all over your face and neck, 1/2 an inch away from your eyes avoiding the inner eye area. Wet your fingers with warm water and work the peeling cream gently and leave on your skin for 2 minutes. Wet your fingers with warm water again and re-work peeling one more time. Remove peeling thoroughly with pads moist with warm water and then cleanse your face with the appropriate cleanser according to skin type.  
  • Pineapple Enzymes (Sphérides)
  • Papaya Enzymes (Sphérides)
  • Gingko
  • Calendula
  • Chamomile

At Home Regimen

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In Spa Treatment

Enzymo-Sphérides® Peel  

This innovative enzymes peel features the latest manufacturing technique exclusive to Pevonia which encapsulates the enzymes in microsphérides, shielding them from the water within the actual formula. The enzymes do not become active until actually applied to your skin. As you work the peel with warm water, the microsphérides break and deliver the active enzymes which immediately digest impurities, sebum, toxins, blackheads, and dead cells. Your skin is rendered deeply cleansed, silky-smooth, and visibly brighter. Recommended for all skin types.




"Natural peel doesn't irritate my rosacea skin. Some could use this everyday, but with rosacea and my proneness to drying I use this a couple times a month and LOVE it. I follow with the sensitive skin mask and it's even better. Try it."

"Very easy to use & only a small amount is needed for each application. My skin felt very smooth and healthy after wards."

"Contains no "micro scrubbers," yet my face feels as clean as if I had just used a harsh exfoliator."

"I use this cream at least once a week to remove dead skin cells. I look forward to using this as it reminds me of a professional facial! My face feels clean and refreshed and perfect to start the week with!"

"I love this product. I hope it is never discontinued because nothing like it is out there. I stopped using it for awhile because a friend gave me some other products and forget it, it was nothing like this one, I should've known better!!!"

"I use this as an in-between full mask nights...around twice a week and it feels like it invigorates...stimulates the skin!"

"This product is amazing! I use it to keep my skin clear between facial/peel appointments (every 6-8 weeks). It keeps my skin soft, smooth and most importantly... clear! It has dramatically improved the texture of my skin too. Love it!"

"I use this product about once a week, and it really keeps my skin from becoming congested. It has a fantastic scent, like fresh pineapples!"

"I have been using this product for about 6 months now and I really like it. After using it, my skin is very soft."

"This is great for breaking down the rough outer layers of skin that cause my deep cystic acne. I recently ran out after one year of use, and within 8 weeks I had built up many bumps and blackheads. Now that I purchased it again, I am back on the track to clean pores. I also have sensitive skin, and this cream is so gentle."

"This product smells great and works well. Very light texture. I learned about this product from the Chocolate Spa at the Hotel Hershey and have been using it ever since."

"Does what I wanted it to do, which is allow me to use a facial mask and exfoliate my sensitive skin."

"The peeling cream is so thick and rich. It smoothed on evenly and washes away easily. Afterward my skin feels soft, smooth, and looks radiant! It's fast and easy to use. I like to use mine twice a week!"

"I have used the product for many years; it works well keeping acne prone skin unclogged and helps with fine lines."

"I use this peel three times a week. My skin is always congested. It makes my skin feel soft, clean and clear. Must have."