Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliate for healthy skin! Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser gently polishes your skin with its unique creamy, granular texture. Wash away impurities and toxins with a precise formulation of Jojoba Beads, Saponaria, and Chamomile for a clean and smooth complexion. Ideal for all skin types.


  • Natural foaming agent
  • Prevents clogged pores and blackhead formation
  • Perfect cleanser to remove surface impurities
  • Neutralizes the drying effects of hard water
  • Restores skin's surface pH
  • Refines texture, promotes a natural glow


Usage   Key Ingredients
Apply a small quantity of the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser over your face and neck and work with wet fingertips. Rinse with warm water and towel dry. Follow with any Pevonia Lotion according to skin type.  
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula
  • Horse Chestnut
  • Saponaria
  • Citric Acid

At Home Regimen

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In Spa Treatment

Enzymo-Sphérides® Peel  

This innovative enzymes peel features the latest manufacturing technique exclusive to Pevonia which encapsulates the enzymes in microsphérides, shielding them from the water within the actual formula. The enzymes do not become active until actually applied to your skin. As you work the peel with warm water, the microsphérides break and deliver the active enzymes which immediately digest impurities, sebum, toxins, blackheads, and dead cells. Your skin is rendered deeply cleansed, silky-smooth, and visibly brighter. Recommended for all skin types.




"I have used this product for many, many years. I have tried other cleansers here and there, but always return to this one. I have acne prone skin and this product helps tremendously with keeping my skin blemish free. The tiny grains are a great exfoliator and keep my skin looking healthy!"

"Pevonia Botanica Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser is creamy and gentle with enough exfoliating product to remove the dead skin from my face and produce a glow."

"This is by far the best exfoliating cleanser I know of. I have tried quite a few of them in the market and I find this this is best and worth its price. The exfoliating beads are a little bigger unlike other products like clarions which have finer beads. But I like it that way since it prevents getting into eyes accidentally. It exfoliates well, at the same time, does not make your face dry. I use it twice a day (morning and before going to bed) and then apply a light moisturizer."

"I am in agriculture and spend most working hours outside in the sun and dust and dirt. This product cleans and exfoliates without drying my skin"

"I have used this cleanser on and off for six or seven years. I was having stress related acne on my jawline...this is now day THREE of using it again, and my skin is obviously more smooth and calm. With the lotion and combination skin cream, the hydration level is perfect. My face is hydrated and soft without feeling like I have product on."

"I love this product. It has just enough grains that are not too harsh for my sensitive skin. I use it everyday."

"No matter what else I try, I always come back to this. Seems to do the best job of cleansing pores without drying out my skin. I use it on my back, etc."

"I was introduced to this product during a professional facial at a spa. The aesthetician suggested I use it to clear up some ruddiness. I love that I can use it every day. It has made a big difference in my skin's appearance, which is now looking brighter and feeling cleaner."

"This product is wonderful. It exfoliates without irritating my skin; typically my skin reacts negatively, but not with this product. I use it 1-2 times a week in addition to the gentle cleanser."

"I love the exfoliating particles and this product smells so good. I also love the fact that it doesn't leave the skin too dry after cleansing. I would totally recommend it to my friends."

"I use this product twice a week for exfoliation. It is more of a cleanser, with tiny exfoliating grains. There is not a high concentration of exfoliating grains, but it is effective. I alternate this product with Pevonia's Enzymo-Spherides, which is also an exfoliant, but is more of a "chemical" type exfoliant (no grainy texture)."

"Best cleanser -I have used this product for 4 years faithfully now, and I would never change! It is a great exfoliator, and it keeps my skin looking healthy! I never have any blemishes."

"I liked how gentle it felt even though it is an exfoliating cleanser, and it feels very refreshing."

"This smells so amazing and isn't too harsh for my skin, which is extremely sensitive. I take Accutane, and this is gentle enough for me to use to get rid of flaky skin. It makes my skin unbelievably soft and smooth. I use it once a week."


"This exfoliating cleanser leaves skin with a fresh, clean feeling without dryness or irritation. I also like that it's made with natural ingredients."

"I love this product!!!! I have Rosacea and since I started using this Exfoliating Cleanser together with my regular cleanser, my skin feels smoother, cleaner and it looks so radiant!!!!! Love it. Thank God for Pevonia!!!!!"

"Wonderful mild exfoliating cream -Like all the Pevonia products I have used, this exfoliating cleanser is wonderful. My skin is dry and sensitive and I have to be particularly careful about exfoliators. But this cleanser is mild enough for me to use every day. It cleanses thoroughly and effectively, and keeps my face and hands feeling smooth and looking revitalized. Great product!"

"I use this scrub because it is not too abrasive but exfoliates my skin so well. I use this scrub twice a day and it is gentle on my skin."

"Makes your skin look and feel younger and cleaner! The product is shipped perfectly, never any issues. And, always a free gift."

"Works well, non-greasy, exfoliates well. Its a little expensive for what it is, can get cheaper products with the same effect."

"Love it !! I love this gentle exfoliator. I use it everyday at night after I take off my makeup. It's great, I recommend it!"