Product Integrity

Pevonia Product Integrity


What is Diversion?

Diversion occurs when unauthorized distributors, retailers or individuals offer Pevonia products for sale. These unauthorized sources are obtaining the products outside of the standard channels of quality, efficacy assurance, and strict standards set by Pevonia International, LLC, and upheld by authorized distributors.

How do I Ensure I am Purchasing Authentic Pevonia Product?

Pevonia products are exclusively available through licensed and authorized industry professionals and via our official website Our valued spa partners are highly trained to recommend the ideal products and treatments for your skin based on an in-depth skin analysis. 

Why is Diversion dangerous?

Diverted Pevonia products can be unsealed, emptied, and resealed to change product content, can offer duplicated packaging filled with counterfeit formulas, can be contaminated or expired products as well as products sold with fake expiration dates. Any of these scenarios can result in serious allergies, rashes, breakouts, and even dangerous skin reactions as well as other skin conditions.

Furthermore, diversion directly affects our valued customers, as well as our exceptional global distributor network and spa partners around the world that place their trust in our brand and brand promise daily. For these reasons, Pevonia International, LLC, assumes no product guarantee or responsibility for products purchased through unauthorized sources and strongly encourages that you refrain from purchasing via these sources.

How Does Pevonia Fight Diversion?

Pevonia's Global Anti-Diversion Network consists of: corporate diversion team, global distributor network, and spa partners around the world. Additionally, Pevonia's diversion program includes a fully serialized integrated product tracking system. Our track-to-source research and investigative program successfully tracks and identifies diverters. Our global approach effectively uncovers and allows us to pursue diverters using all applicable legal means. As anti-diversion advocates, we can protect our elite brand for enhanced success via:

  • Global Anti-Diversion Network
  • Product coding
  • Investigative tracking
  • Legal services & appropriate litigation
  • Terminations
  • Education
  • Communication

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